Water Leak Detection

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When your building is suffering from a leak, there are various outcomes and consequences that you will have to suffer in the wake of that event. There are two types of leaks in your house or commercial building:

Persistent leak:

A persistent leak in your house or commercial building can cause damage to your floor, furniture, and equipment. This type of damage causes various impacts and effects on your valuables and family members inside the house. And for commercial buildings, things become more devastating because everything inside that building is expensive even time. The water damage can get mitigated if we call our expert technicians in time and we start our satisfying services right away to minimize the damage and repair the leak.

Hidden leak:

When the leak is not before your eyes, it becomes more dangerous than the open leak. This type of leak can destroy the foundation of your building. It can also cause the most devastating effects on the property and your valuables inside the home or office building. The water damage requires you to take the right decision and call our expert technicians, who get trained and certified service providers in town. We use state-of-the-art ecology and scientific methods in detecting the leak by utilizing modern techniques and ten years of knowledge in the industry.

Symptoms that give a cue of the hidden leak inside the building

Some various symptoms and situations provide you with a cue of the hidden leak that can destroy your house’s foundation or ruin the commercial building. These symptoms, if detected timely, can save you a considerable amount of loss. These areas are:

High utility bills

When you have to pay a high utility bill than the regular, this is a sign that some extra load of water is getting wasted through a leak, and you are unaware of the situation. If the leak sends the water to the foundation or gets under the wall, it can cause the most devastating damage to the building. Your house is the most vulnerable building when there is a hidden leak, which you only realized because of high utility bills.

Our expert technicians use scientific methods and modern tools in detecting the exact location of the leak and save your house and commercial building from intimate damage.

Changed the color water in the shower 

Suppose your shower is giving you water with some change in color. This signifies a leak in your plumbing, and the water is getting mixed in the supply.

Stinky water

The stink in the water signifies some leak in the plumbing water from the drain or sewer supply. This contaminated water will affect all the plumbing inside the facility. This kind of water can cause fatal diseases, and you might have to suffer the risk to the people and the building.

Puddles in the floor 

If you find a pool of water inside your building or home or the lawn, this is a sign there’s a leak. It would help if you had our team to take care of the situation at once.