Smoke damage

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There are many reasons you require a smoke damage repair service. Fire damage is not the only case when you need smoke repair. Cigarette smoke and soot because of malfunctioning chimneys or kitchen vents are also reasons for this service. When your building experiences fire damage, even if it gets under control quickly, the smoke and stench will keep you going in any other direction than the damage. You will have to call expert technicians to get rid of that smell and hazardous film of fine smoke particles all over the building.

IRS Water Damage Removal

We are not just an ordinary water damage removal company. Our customer-responsive philosophy has made us evolve into the most responsive and developed company in taking care of all the outcomes and side effects of fire and water damage. Smoke is a side effect of fire damage. Three are various types of smoke and soot, and remember one thing you can’t take it out yourself with simple water and detergent technology. Beware of all the DIY projects if you want to save your property from self-fabricated damage.

Kinds of smoke

There are different types of smoke, and all of them pose various threats to people’s lives. We provide different strategies with the safe use of powerful chemicals and protect people’s health inside the building.

Cigarette smoke

The most hazardous type of smoke is cigarette smoke. According to authorities and independent research agencies, hundreds of diseases can get from the smoke stuck to the walls and everything around. The internet is full of comparison pictures where you can see the difference between the windows, curtains, and smokers’ walls and nonsmoking residents. Cigarette smoke creates a fine film around all the surfaces, and this layer gets filled with particles that can cause severe respiratory diseases. And many organizations claim that cigarette smoke on surfaces can cause 40 life-threatening conditions to the people living in that area.

Our technicians use strong chemicals that are harsh on these particles. Our methods are robust and provide a safer environment for children and adults inside.

Fire smoke

There are various types of smoke when there is fire involved:

The first category is simple smoke, which got made because of the high temperature, and there was wood or some other natural ingredient involved in the fire. This type of smoke is not that harmful to the people living inside, but eh stench and the yellowish layer are unbearable for the residents. When there is a metallic surface inside the area, the smoke will start corrosion, and it will also cause the glass to sustain permanent classic color if you don’t take corrective measures in time.

The second type of smoke involves the burning of some harmful material. If these things burn in the low-temperature fire, they will generate soot, and the high-temperature flame will provide hazardous soot and smoke at the same time.

Our technicians come equipped with all the necessary chemicals, equipment, and safety gadgets to clear your property from all types of hazardous effects from smoke and repair your property as if nothing has happened.