Fire Sprinkler Malfunction

Welcome to Water Damage Removal Las Vegas

Commercial and educational facilities utilize this technology and install these devices on the roofs of the buildings. These devices have been saving the lives of the people, property, and everything inside for many years. Our customers love or expert technology, the results are always appreciated by the people whose lives and properties get saved from the downpour of water from these devices.

But there are many cases in which people have reported the backfire from these life-saving devices. There are many incidents where these technologically advanced devices have caused devastating damage to the facility.

IRS Water Damage Removal

You need expert services from the most advanced and experienced team in town. We provide the most satisfying services after the sprinklers have caused the damage. We utilize water extraction and drying services in the facilities and mitigate the damage. Various factors can get taken care of, and we can help your commercial property from the damage and devastation.

What we do when the facility suffers from fire sprinkler malfunction?

When your school or commercial facility experiences water damage, you need quick extraction and drying of water to save the building from further damage.

Emergency response

When there is a malfunction in the fire sprinklers, the havoc inside the commercial building requires you to call the emergency response team to reach your location and start the services right away. Our team provides a quick response for the past ten years, and we haven’t broken our tradition even on the holidays or odd times of days & nights.

Damage mitigation

Reaching your location in time doesn’t save you from the ticking time bomb of damage that is continuously engulfing your valuable possessions, equipment, and inventory inside the facility. Water can destroy most of the things it touches inside the building. Our team is aware of this fact.

Our technicians quickly take out the salvageable items and restore them by utilizing professional acumen and modern methods.

Water extraction

Water tends to seep through the items and cause permanent damage if you don’t take swift actions. Our expert technicians utilize insight from their experience and save your valuables. After that, the extraction process gets started. We use modern methods and industrial-grade innovative tools and equipment for water extraction from your facility.


The next thing is drying all the floor, furniture, and inventory. We do not suggest to turn on any switch and appliance after the process because the water molecules or particles can damage the equipment for good.

We utilize the modernized equipment and industrial grade safe to use heaters to dry all the valuables and property form mold creation and damage in the future.

Pre-damage services

We provide the following services to save your property from the harmful effects of malfunctioning water sprinklers:

  • Rust and corrosion handling through Nitrogen
  • Dusty and old sensors renovation
  • Detecting the potential places for leaks or damage
  • Educating people not to smoke or use heater inside the sprinklers
  • Remove the older parts and reinstalling the modernized sprinklers.